Cyberpunk horror roleplaying



Welcome to New Quezon City

Step 01. Roll Stats.

Roll 3d10*2 for: Strength, Speed, Intellect, and Combat.

You start with 1d5 Hits.

Step 02. Choose Starting Frame.

This is the body you (currently) inhabit.

Adjust your Stats according to the Stat Adjustment column below and then note down your Frame's starting Saves.

Finally, note down how many Skills and Skill Points (SPs) you have as well as how many Contacts you start with.

Frame Stat Adjustment Saves
Sanity Grid Body
Human +5 to any Stat. 75 50 25
Sleeve +1d10 to highest stat, -1d10 to lowest stat. 25 50 50
Android +5 Intellect, +5 Speed, Armor +2. 50 25 75
Frame Skills Contacts
Human 1 Trained Skill, +3 SP 1d5
Sleeve 1 Expert Skill, +1d5 SP None.
Android Computers, +2 SP 1d5-2
d100 Background
0-4 Renegade Replicant
5-9 Oldtech Greaser
10-14 Off-World Operator
15-19 Cybermod Reaper
20-24 Escaped Panzergeist
25-29 High-end Shinobi
30-34 Corporate Dissident
35-39 Devout Lazarus
40-44 Syndicate Enforcer
45-49 Bothead
50-54 Hunter-killer
55-59 Netrunner
60-64 Fixer
65-69 Refugee
70-74 Covert Union Organizer
75-79 XP Streamer
80-84 Decadent
85-89 Sleevejacker
90-94 Dark Marketeer
95-99 Gutterpunk

Step 03. Choose your Skills.

Trained skills cost 1 SP and Expert skills cost 2 SP.

Expert Skills can only be taken if the pre-requisite Trained Skill is first acquired.

Trained Skills (+10) Expert Skills (+15)
Athletics > Evasion
Computers > Big Data
> Hacking
> Slickware
Close Quarters Combat (CQC) > Mech-to-Mech CQC
Corpwise > C-Suite Ettiquette
Motor Vehicle Operation > VTOL Piloting
Firearms > Mech Gunnery
First Aid > Biotech
> Pharamceuticals
Forensics > Paper Trail
Repair > Oldtech
Robotics > Cybernetics
> Mech Operations & Piloting
Scavenging > Streetwise
Stealth > Pickpocketing

Let's Play A Game

When attempting an action and the outcome is uncertain, roll d100 equal to or under the appropriate Stat. If you do, you succeed. If you roll over your Stat, you fail and the Warden determines the consequences. Rolling doubles means that you have scored a Critical Success (if under your Stat) or a Critical Failure (if over your Stat). Saves work the same as Stats, however, you do not choose when you roll them. Instead, the Warden will occasionally ask you to roll under a Save in an attempt to avoid some kind of danger or damage.

If you have a situational advantage (for example, you have a skill appropriately suited to the task at hand, or an ally is assisting you), then you roll d100 twice and take the better result. If you have a situation disadvantage (for example, the action requires a high degree of technical knowhow you do not posses, or you are inebriated or otherwise not in full possession of your faculties), then you roll d100 twice and take the worse result.


When attacking an opponent, roll d100 equal to or under your Combat stat. If you succeed, you deal 1 Hit of damage.

Whenever you take damage, roll 1d10 on the Wounds table. If you have no remaining Hits and you take damage, you die.

Armor adds additional Hits to soak up damage. When Armor is lost you do not have to roll on the Wounds table, however, it is destroyed until it can be purchased again, or in the case of Androids, repaired.

Some cover may provide additional armor, which when used up, no longer protects the defender.

1d10 Wound Effect
0 Concussed Actions for the next 1d5 rounds are made at Disadvantage
1-3 Sprained Combat checks at Disadvantage for the remainder of encounter.
4-6 Fractured Checks using this limb at Disadvantage until repaired.
7-8 Bleeding If a second Bleeding wound is rolled, you die.
9 Fatal Make a Body save or die.


Vehicles don’t have Hits, they only have Armor. Any time a Vehicle takes damage, everyone inside must make a Body Save or suffer 1 Hit of damage.

If the vehicle has no Armor remaining, then it is destroyed and everyone inside must make a Body Save at disadvantage or be killed. Those who survive are reduced to 1 Hit and must make a roll on the Wounds table.


Players may install one piece of Cybernetic Hardware (Cyberware) for every 10 points of Strength they have and may install one software program (Slickware) for every 10 poings of Intellect they have.


Players may upload their memories into a cloned synthetic body called a “Sleeve,” through the use of a Neural Montioring (NeMo) Machine. This takes 24 hours and a successful Sanity save or else the player loses the memory of the past 1d10 days (with a critical failure indicating total amnesia). The “re-sleeving” procedure then takes another 24 hours after which all rolls are at disadvantage for 1d10 days.

Leveling Up

Level XP Required
1 10
2 30
3 60
4 100
5 150

Experience points (XP) are earned through the successful completion of freelance missions for powerful Clients representing the various factions in the Megacity. At the end of every session the Warden awards XP as follows:

When you level up you may pick two (2) of the following:

01. Trinidad Tower

02. Bahala Na Gang Combat Zone

03. Panaad Stadium


05. Port of Davao

06. Bagong Silangan Slums

07. Augstin Heights

08. The Luneta

09. Batasang Pambansa Complex (BPC)

10. Pangulo City Park